Roof Restorations

Over time the elements will start to wear the appearance and the physical condition of your roof. A worn roof can not only effect the overall appearance of your house and its value but can also lead to more serious issues later on if left unfixed. Our roof restoration services can overhaul the appearance and quality of your roof and giving your home a fresh new feel. Our team can also give you expert advice on colour and material choices for your restoration and what will suit the look of your house.

Roof Restoration

Roof Repointing

If the mortar around the edges of your roof tiles are beginning to crack and break away over time, your roof could be at risk to moisture and water leaking. This can lead to more serious issues to not just to your roof but to your property as a whole. Our professional roof re-pointing service will overhaul the edges of your roof, remove and repair the worn mortar and restoring the look and protecting your roof from any future water leakage.

Roof Repointing


If your experiencing small chips and breaks in your roofs tiles or other damage to your roof, you may require a roof repair to fix these issues. Our roof repairs can fix things like broken tiles, colorbond roof fixes, leaking roofs and more. Having our professional team inspecting and repairing small issues now can save you money and stress down the road if you leave these issues left unattended. Our team can give you the best advice and plan of action for whatever repair job you need doing.

Residential Pressure Cleaning

If you’re looking to remove unsightly dirt and grime from your house exterior to improve the look of your home, then you need our residential pressure cleaning services. Our team can clean your house exterior including walls, windows and other exterior elements. If you’re looking to have your roof cleaned we can pressure wash it from top to bottom as well as flushing out gutters and down pipes removing built up dirt. We can also pressure clean paths and driveways to remove stains and grime and improving the overall look and quality of the entrance to your house.

Residential Pressure Cleaning

Commercial Pressure Cleaning

The appearance of your business is one of the first things your customers notice. If your property looks run down then that can reflect poorly on your business. Stained walls, dirty foot paths and parking lots can have a immediate effect on your business. This can be easily fixed with our commercial pressure cleaning services. No matter the size or shape of your businesses property we can pressure clean your building exterior, roof, paths and car park to make your business look brand new and stand out.

Commercial Pressure Cleaning

Driveway Reseal

If you’re finding your current driveway is starting to show signs of wear and starting to fade, you could benefit from getting your driveway resealed. Our driveway resealing services will protect your driveway through the process of applying a solvent based protective coating on your driveway which will protect it from the effects of UV rays and other natural elements. We also offer a wide range of coatings for your driveway that will match the look of your property. So not only will your driveway be protected but it will also look great.

Driveway Reseal

Tin and Tiled

No matter what style of house you own, we have a side selection of colorbond tin and tiled roofs that will match your house and make it look great. Our tin and tiled roofs are durable, come in a range of colours and can be installed professionally by our team. If you’ve been considering a new roof but not sure where to start, we can give you the best advice on where to start and the benefits of our tin and tiled roofs.

View our Dulux roof colour chart

Tin  and Tiled

Colorbond Fascia

The addition of a colorbond fascia to you roof can be the perfect way of giving your roof that professional finish that you’re looking for. A colorbond fascia give support to your roofs gutter, down pipes and around the edges of your roof. Our colorbond fascias are durable and come in a range of colours that will match your roof and property and give it that seamless finish.

Colourbond Fascia

Garage Doors

You may find your garage door over time becoming faded and worn from the effects of the weather and sun. A worn garage door can also impact the overall look of your house making it look dated and tired. However, you might not need to completely replace your garage door with a new one. Our garage door repair services can overhaul the look of your current garage door. We will pressure clean and sand back the surface of your garage door prior to painting it and making it look as good as new for a fraction of the cost of getting a new garage door.

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